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Our commitment to sustainable building in Northern NSW- Natural Designer Homes is an HIA Greensmart accredited builder and understands the effects our building industry can have on the natural environment.

We believe that environmental awareness is highly important.

Starting from the basis of good design to minimize the need for artificial heating/ cooling, as well as the materials used in construction through to the disposal of waste both on & off site – We feel that sustainable building can and should be incorporated into any Building project.

Building sustainably is more than adding on features such as water tanks and solar panels, but also in the construction materials and the often overlooked – construction quality. When the build is of a high construction quality, this minimizes the need for ongoing maintenance utilizing further resources to achieve the standard required.

Key issues towards a sustainable building future;

  • Design / solar passive
  • Appropriate materials suited to the environment being built in
  • Sustainable applications / solar power/water etc
  • Recycling of materials
  • On/off site recycling of building waste
  • Quality in construction to minimize ongoing maintenance & repairs
  • Being aware of what can be achieved through sensible & thoughtful building processes.

Environmental awareness is a key issue that needs to be adopted by all members of the building industry. We all have a responsibility to include sustainable processes in our businesses and work towards a longer, healthier future.


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