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Your Home Technical Manual- Embodied Energy Fact Sheet

Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a building, from the mining and processing of natural resources to manufacturing, transport and product delivery. embodied energy does not include the operation and disposal of the building material. this would be considered in a life cycle approach. embodied energy is the ‘upstream’ or ‘front-end’ component of the lifecycle impact of a home.

The single most important factor in reducing the impact of embodied energy is to design long life, durable and adaptable buildings. 

Every building is a complex combination of many processed materials, each of which contributes to the building’s total embodied energy. Renovation and maintenance also add to the embodied energy over a building’s life.

Choices of materials and construction methods can significantly change the amount of energy embodied in the structure of a building. Embodied energy content varies enormously between products and materials. Assessment of the embodied energy of a material, component or whole building is often a complex task.

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