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We offer consulting services to assist our clients in creating healthier homes and offices. Through our assessments, we aim to identify and recommend solutions for potential health hazards and to educate people about creating healthier built environments. One main focus is how to best avoid the hazards when building new or renovating.

Building a new home or completing a large renovation is a substantial investment and something you want to get just right.  With the focus now being on creating energy efficient buildings, our homes and work places can become so air tight that the indoor air quality is adversely affected.  Added to this are the vast array of materials which contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), not too mention the multitude of appliances and wireless devices which are now part of the everyday home.  For clients who have allergies, asthma or electrical sensitivities, understanding the risks is paramount.  For most of us, we just wish to create a healthy living environment which positively contributes to our well-being.  Please feel free to contact us so we can tailor a package to suit you individual requirements.

Our home and workplace assessments can be general, giving an overview of problem areas or more specific focussing on electromagnetic fields, water filtration, building material selection, and indoor air quality.

Our clients include home owners and tenants, small businesses, government departments, large corporations; anyone who seeks to minimise exposure to health hazards in their built environment.

While we are based in Northern NSW, we offer our services Australia wide via phone, skype and email.  We are also available to speak on the topics surrounding Building Biology and have the capacity to write articles on such topics for the media.


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